Visico VL 300PLUS Kit


This kit contains:

  • 3 VL-300PLUS Flash Heads, and 1 Reflector
  • 3 LS-8005 Air Cushion Light Stands
  • 2 SB-030 Soft Boxes, 50x70cm
  • 1 UB-001 Soft Umbrella, 80cm
  • 1 VC-816TX Transmitter
  • 1 KB-F Kit Bag

Product Description

Meet the professional photographer’s demand with Visico’s flash kits, and create stunning images with high proficiency. With a streamlined design, comprising a compact structure and ingenious space usage, these studio flashes pack a high level of power in to less space than a standard rugby ball. The VL studio flash is also half the weight of other studio flashes with the same power. This compact size is ideal for both storage and transport, allowing photographers to easily carry the kit to shoot locations and save storage space in the studio when it is not in use. Transport is made all the easier with the kit bag.


The housing material is flame retardant, durable and lightweight. This ensures both that the flash is sturdy and portable, and represents the result of years of research and development. The flash boasts intelligent digital control technology, with a power-control range of five f-stops from full to 1/32 (6 stop points). With its precision light-output adjustments, enjoy an accuracy of 1/10 f-stop. It is Equipped with 75W modelling lamp, redeye reduction function, beep reminder, excellent circuit configuration and heat dispersion, as well as over heating protection. The touch-button is concise and easy to use, with all functions clear at a glance on the minimal control panel. The flash boasts an LED digital display, making it easy to see the output power of the flash and modelling lamp.


The Air Cushion Light Stand is a rugged, durable mount that is suitable for all VISICO accessories. This allows you to seamlessly update your lighting configuration as your needs grow. Two soft boxes and an umbrella round out the kit, allowing photographers to get the exact quality of light they require in their configuration.