Nikon Stars – Michelle Mugambi

Michelle Mugambi specialises in Portraiture, Event and Product photography. Find Michelle on Facebook and Instagram. You can reach her on email at, or call her at +254 724 359 172.

How long have you been shooting and when did you go pro?

I have been shooting since 2008, but went pro in November 2015

What body/bodies do you use?

I use a Nikon D750.

What’s your favourite lens and why?

My favourite lens is the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8; it has amazing detail and very nice bokeh.

What’s in your camera bag for a standard shoot?

My bag for a standard shoot has the Nikon D750, 50mm lens, one Speedlight and a soft box.

What is your favourite place in Kenya to take pictures?

My favourite places to take photos are Kiambu tea plantations.

What is the most challenging shoot you’ve been on to date and how did you get the shot?

My most challenging shoot was during my auntie’s burial. She was like a mother to me and she really loved my work. She was still doing recommendations for me on her hospital bed and she had told me that I must cover an event for her. So I covered her funeral, and I couldn’t stop tearing up. I took very emotional photos on that day. I felt like a was taking photos of everybody’s hearts and what they felt.

What do you love about being a professional photographer?

I love capturing moments that are soon going to be history – having that chance makes me feel like Superman.

How do you set yourself apart from competitors?

I set myself apart from others through the good relationship I have with my clients. We are friends, and that lets me achieve very genuine images because they are comfortable around me.

What are your top tips for photographers looking to develop skills in your specialty(ies)?

Just express what’s in your heart. Be consistent and learn new things so that you can grow.

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