Mastering Headshots
Expand your Portrait Skillset
with Michael Masero Obiero

Headshots are some of the most commonly requested portraits, and Michael Masero Obiero is here to help you master this essential skillset! Learn the basics of lighting and equipment for headshots, and get some tips on dealing with challenging situations, like eyeglasses and children. Whether you're an aspiring professional photographer or you just want to get better at portraits, don't miss this workshop!

This class will cover:
- Lighting and Setup
- Ideal Equipment for Headshots
- Tips for Hair, Makeup and Facial Hair
- Differences of Shooting Outside vs Inside
- Reducing Glare in Glasses
- Working with Children

This class will be held privately on Zoom. To make sure all participants get the most out of the class, there are a limited number of spots available. Be sure to sign up ASAP! Fill out the form below to request a spot, and we will confirm your registration via email. Then, an hour before the class starts, we will share the Zoom link. 

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