Nikon School Kenya: Videography Basics with Karan Khalsa

The amazing Karan Khalsa recently led a Nikon School Kenya workshop on videography basics, and it was a great, informative class! Participants got pro-level guidance on capturing stunning, engaging content, and got to have some hands-on experience. If you missed the class, read on for some of Karan’s top tips, and be sure to follow Nikon Kenya to learn about future classes!

  • Create movement while shooting videos. Use various angles to make your subject more cinematic to the viewers
  • Keep your subject in focus, and keep distractions to a minimal
  • Shoot in your camera’s slow motion setting, which is an appealing way to capture food and drinks. And if you need to, you can always speed up the footage when required.
  • Run some trials before capturing a scene, which will give you confidence when it comes time for the actual shot.

Check out Nikon’s Mirrorless Cameras, which give you powerful video creation tools. From internal stabilisation technology and next generation autofocus, to lush slow motion, you’ll have everything you need to start creating wow-worthy content. And be sure to follow Karan Khalsa for inspiration!