Nikon School at Village Market

See scenes from our fun, family-friendly Nikon School workshop at Village Market this past weekend! Follow us to learn about future sessions!
This weekend, we had an exciting Nikon School workshop at Village Market! Led by Mod Photography, this family-friendly workshop was a great opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day, as well as a fun chance to learn some composition and portraiture basics. Read on to learn some of the top takeaways from this class, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for your chance to register for future workshops!
• When posing standing family portraits, try angling adults so that their shoulders are turned towards the camera, rather than having them facing it straight on. It's often ideal to have all the subjects' heads on roughly the same level, so have the grown ups pick up younger children, or crouch down to get on their level.
• Nikon's Mirrorless Cameras make it easy to focus on portrait subjects, with Face and Eye Detection. Your camera will identify and lock onto human subjects, tracking them as they move throughout your frame and allowing you to concentrate on composition. This is particularly useful for children, who don't always sit still for family photos!
• Incorporate elements into the foreground of your shot, which will help create a sense of depth in your image and make it feel less 'flat'.
• Using a shallow depth of field can be a great way to make backgrounds less distracting, and place more emphasis on your subject. This can be achieved using a wide f/stop, by getting closer to your subject, and/or using a long focal length. Additionally, have your subject stand a few steps in front of any background to achieve a deeper bokeh effect.
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Want to get in on the action? For all your equipment needs, visit the Nikon Kenya shop at Village Market, located on the first floor of the old wing, above the food court.  Follow Village Market Events to learn more about fun activities at the mall, and follow Nikon Kenya on Instagram and Facebook to hear about all of our free workshops!