Nikon Kenya’s 2021 Gift Guide

The Festive Season is here and the pressure is on to find thoughtful gifts for those closest to us. It’s hard to find the perfect gift, but we have some suggestions that are sure to be a hit – and even better that will get a lot of use for years to come.

Our cameras and camera accessories are available at all price points, and all cameras come with free Nikon School training! Whether an absolute beginner who loves taking photos with their smart phone or someone who’s been pining to make the jump to a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera for a while now, we’ve compiled a gift guide that will make it easy for your to find the perfect present.

Read on to learn more and visit our shops or contact us if you’re still not sure what to choose!


Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are a great way to explore a passion for photography, letting your loved ones learn about camera settings and get better quality images and video at a great price point. Our compact cameras start from KES. 35,000, and are designed for beginners, making it easy to get great shots right out of the box! We also have high-end, extreme zoom compact cameras that are perfect for the wildlife enthusiasts in your life – check out the P1000!


DSLR Cameras

Starting from KES. 57,000, our DSLR cameras are a gift of so much more than a fun gadget! DSLR cameras allow your loved ones to fully dive into photography, giving them a platform that they can build around their own unique interests. These cameras offer interchangeable lenses and support a range of accessories, so that they can capture all of their passions. Foodies, fashionistas, parents, naturalists, social media lovers and business owners will all love a DSLR camera – whatever they love, they’ll be able to capture it beautifully. These powerful cameras offer endless flexibility, and give users a valuable skill that they can use for their hobbies and work – and even turn into a career!


Mirrorless Cameras

The cutting edge of Nikon’s imaging technology, Nikon’s Z series of Mirrorless Cameras give you all the benefits of DSLR cameras with an eye towards the future. Starting from KES. 110,000, these powerful cameras pack a lot into their small frames, giving you stunning photo and video quality with incredible auto-focus capabilities and amazing low-light performance. Perfect for anyone passionate about their hobbies – and about photography itself – these cameras make it easy for to become a pro-quality content creator, and will enable them to push their skills and endlessly develop their talent. Even better, firmware updates that are simple to install add new features and functions, meaning that their camera will continue to grow with them!



For the photographer who already has their camera, a new lens is the perfect gift! Our Mirrorless Lenses start from KES. 32,000, and our DSLR Lenses start from KES. 10,000. Prime lenses are an excellent option for gifts, offering incredible quality at great prices! There are a lot of incredible NIKKOR lenses available, so if you’d like a little help finding the perfect choice for your loved one, note down their camera model and contact our team or visit our shops for expert advice!



Speedlights are the gift of light! An essential for photographers who take a lot of pictures of events or often work inside, Speedlights are external flashes that give photographers a tonne of flexibility, letting them bring light to any scene and adjust the intensity and direction of light. Using Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, Speedlights allow photographers to use their flash off camera simply by firing their built-in flash. Starting from KES. 25,000, these are a great gift for enthusiast to intermediate photographers who are looking to expand their skillset.



We have a range of Tripods, from KES. 5,000, and Camera Bags, from KES. 3,000, that are a great, affordable way to support the photographers in your life. Tripods are essential for many types of photography, and will allow your loved ones to explore the fun, artistic shots possible with long exposures. A good camera bag makes it easier to bring for them to take their equipment wherever they go, letting them capture every moment. They’re also essential to protecting equipment and keeping extending its lifetime.



Contact us or visit our shops at Sarit Centre, Village Market, Yaya Centre, TRM and Wilson Airport to learn more about Nikon products and get Christmas gifts that are sure to please!