Nikon Kenya In Frame – Washington Wachira

Nikon Kenya’s In Frame series celebrates the talent, passion and dedication of Kenyan creators! In this edition, we’re featuring Washington Wachira, an enthusiastic photographer and videographer who uses his skills and scientific background to highlight Kenya’s diverse wildlife.

Washington holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and master’s and doctoral degrees in animal ecology, and brings that depth of knowledge to his birding and nature photography. He is a member of the Bird Committee of Nature Kenya, and chairs the National Bird of Kenya Sub-committee. Washington is also the Chairperson of the East African Rarities Committee.

Through his work with African crowned eagles, Washington is recognised as a National Geographic Explorer. These fascinating birds were also the subject of his first documentary, “Urban Crowns“, which was released in 2017.

Washington has won many awards, including First Position in the Underwater Category of the 2016 East African Wild Life Photo Competition. He is a featured photographer in Nikon’s on On the Road Initiative, as well as a TED Speaker, having delivered a TED Talk titled  “For the Love of Birds” in 2017.


Washington also discovered a lizard species new to Science (year 2021), which was named after his second name (Agama wachirai). He founded Cisticola Tours LTD and Bovid Africa Safaris LTD, where he and his colleagues lead safaris across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.