Nikon Africa Kicks Off 100 Years of Nikon Celebrations in Nairobi

July 25 of this year will mark the 100th Anniversary of Nikon, an achievement that marks Nikon’s quality and innovation, as well as its lasting relationships with customers. In honour of the Nikon shooters in Kenya, Nikon Middle East & Africa officially kicked of its 100 Years of Nikon celebrations on the continent with a recent press event in Nairobi.

“This is the first 100 Years of Nikon event in Africa,” said Sunny Sharma, Nikon East and Central Africa Business Development Manager. “We have started in Kenya because Kenya is a special place for Nikon. Kenya is the first country Nikon came to in Africa.”

When Nikon decided to build up its presence on the continent, it started with Kenya. Since then, Kenyans have whole-heartedly embraced photography: The number of Kenyans buying DSLRs has increased by 364 percent since the brand launched, demonstrating a passion for the craft held by hobbyists and pros alike.

The recent event highlighted the history of the brand and the drive for quality and innovation that has carried Nikon through the past century. Akshay Talwar, sales manager for Nikon Middle East & Africa, highlighted some of the many firsts that Nikon has brought to photography, including the first DSLR with video capabilities and the first camera with built-in WiFi.

“We’ve been at the top when it comes to innovation,” said Talwar, who noted that Nikon’s focus on optics has lead to this year also marking the purchase of 100 million lenses by Nikon users.



In Kenya, Nikon is known for its strong community of photographers and the support they receive.

“We are here not just to sell products to people, but to be with them and be behind them,” said Narendra Menon, head of sales for Nikon Africa Region, who emphasised the brands focus on developing the skills of its customers.

First time DSLR users in Kenya can rest assured that they are not just purchasing a camera, but also entry into a dedicated group of photographers who regularly get together at Nikon School training sessions. These events range from Beginner classes to specialty sessions on topics ranging from architecture to fashion taught by top tier photographers, and all Nikon users are welcome to join.

Nikon photographers in Kenya also benefit from a local Service Centre, in the ISL Showroom in Thika Road Mall, where skilled technicians can service and repair cameras and lenses.

This year will see even more activities and events in honour the 100th Anniversary of Nikon, including commemorative products, competitions and special offers.

“Kenya is a hub of photography and we want to emphasize our activities here,” said Nikon Middle East & Africa Managing Director Naoki Onozato, who travelled to Nairobi for the event. “Experiencing a Nikon product enhances your life.”

Browse our site to learn more about the Nikon Community in Kenya and the ISL Nikon Service Centre, as well as the wide range of Nikon products available in the country at internationally competitive prices. Find more about 100 Years of Nikon here.