S-Line: Discover Ground-Breaking Performance and Versatility

Welcome to the future of photography and videography. Introducing the S-Line, a range of lenses set to change the world of optics. Going beyond standards, see how these lenses deliver a new kind of performance and unlock the future of imaging. Read on to discover how S-Line lenses can take your photography and videography to […]

Nikon Kenya’s 2018 Gift Guide

The Festive Season is here and the pressure is on to find thoughtful gifts for those closest to us. It’s hard to find the perfect gift, but we have some suggestions that are sure to be a hit – and even better that will get a lot of use for years to come. Our cameras […]

Learn & Explore – What Is Balance

In the world of photography, balance is key. Balance is a technique that can help you construct a more visually appealing shot. It’s also a great point of reference for you to improve your images. But what exactly is balance in photography? To begin, there are many types of balance. It can be defined by […]

Nikon Z Series: Mount Adapter FTZ

The Mount Adapter FTZ allows you to use your favorite F-mount DSLR NIKKOR lenses on the Z system cameras. Utilize the outstanding performance and resolving power of your approx. 360 NIKKOR F-mount lenses including over 90 NIKKOR lenses that have full AF/AE compatibility. (Full AF/AE supported when using FX or DX AF-S Type G/D/E, AF-P […]