Black Women Photographers Nairobi Meetup

Take a look at this incredible two-day experience where Kenyan women photographers enjoyed inspiring conversations, built community, and networked for future opportunities!
Nikon Kenya was proud to partner with Black Women Photographers (BWP) in their two-day Nairobi Meetup! With an amazing group of hosts and participants, the meetup was an incredible opportunity for black women to gather, have inspiring conversations, build community, and network for future opportunities.

Day one began with a talk from BWP founder Polly Irungu, who joined virtually. She created the group in 2020 to promote the visibility and opportunities of black women in photography. Starting with about 100 photographers, Irungu wanted to make it easier for brands and organisations to work with them and help to build community and support within the group. Today, BWP boasts more than 1,500 members across over 60 countries, and hosts meetups around the world, including this recent Nairobi Meetup.

The day continued with a great Question & Answer session with Lyra Aoko, hosted by incredible moderator Mumbi Muturi  With a guided conversation and plenty of inquiries from the audience, this wide ranging discussion covered experiences in the Kenyan photography and media industry, pay standards in the country, and how to determine which jobs to take on, amongst other topics.

Day two of the Nairobi Meetup kicked off with a talk by Margaret Njeri Ngigi, a prominent visual artist, photographer and filmmaker. Margaret was able to provide valuable perspective on photography from a contemporary fine art angle, including interesting perspectives on topics like NFTs.

Following that, day two continued with a panel discussion with Mumbi Muturi, Esther Sweeney and Khadija M Farah. This conversation allowed participants to learn about some of the industry standards around photojournalism in Kenya and the East Africa region, including challenges that the speakers have faced, freelancer rates and payment terms, and other key considerations that photographers should ask for before accepting an assignment. The panelists also gave illuminating and inspiring examples of some of their favourite projects that they have worked on.

During the Meetup, participants were also able to enjoy a pop-up gallery of some of the contributor's work, with fine art prints created by MyPrints. Learn more about all of their custom photo products here.

A massive thank you to Black Women Photographers for creating this amazing space for Kenyan women, and to all of the Nairobi Meetup speakers. You can find more of their work and their contact information for commissions and partnerships on their websites:

Mumbi Muturi
Lyra Aoko
Margaret Njeri Ngigi
Esther Sweeney
Khadija M Farah

Learn more about Black Women Photographers, including how you can become a member, at their website , and see more of Polly Irungu's work here.

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