Best of Nikon Kenya 2016 Photography Competition (Closed)

Calling all Nikon shooters! As we prepare to ring in a New Year, we at ISL want to take some time to highlight the amazing images captured by Kenyan photographers over the past year with our Best of Nikon Kenya 2016 Photography Competition. Whether your work shows off the incredible wildlife and landscapes of our […]

Nikon School Recap: Wedding Photography with Ben Kiruthi

Wedding photographer Ben Kiruthi has documented the nuptials of some of East Africa’s most rich and famous and, in the process, made himself one of the best known specialty photographers in the region. His creative eye, technical skill and business know-how made him a natural choice to host our Nikon School session on wedding photography, […]

Why Your Next Camera Should Be a DSLR

From the outside, DSLR photography can seem a bit intimidating. DSLR cameras are, after all, the cameras used by professionals, with manual controls, interchangeable lenses and countless accessories. But while it’s true that professionals are at one end of the DSLR spectrum, the other end is full of talented hobbyists getting the most out of […]