Learn & Explore – Capturing the Allure of Blue Hour

Capturing landscapes or cityscapes during blue hour can help give your shots an ethereal mood. Read on and find out how soft light can help bring out deep saturated colours and great detail in your images. The term blue hour, derived from La hora azul in Spanish, or L’Heure Bleue in French, is a period […]

Bridge Cameras: Affordable, Flexible and High Quality

A DSLR is always a worthy investment, providing you with the flexibility to take incredible, high-quality photos in any situation. Of course, a DSLR can also be a significant investment, especially when you factor in the accessories needed to get great shots in tricky conditions – not to mention the investment of time needed to […]

Learn & Explore – The Magic and Mystery of Night Photography

How to capture the magic and mystery of night photography? Before how, let’s talk about why. Why take night photos? While they’re not difficult, they can be a challenge. Photography by definition is writing with light, and at night…well, you get the picture. When we spoke to pro shooter, Nikon School instructor and night photography […]

Best of Nikon Kenya 2016 Photography Competition Winners

Congratulations to all of the incredibly talented photographers who entered our Best of Nikon Kenya 2016 photo competition! We received hundreds of submissions and had a difficult time whittling them down to the top three but here they are:   Jonathon began his photography career in 2011 and went professional last year. This image was […]

A New Year Resolution You Will Love To Keep

For an idea built around positivity, the most popular New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on the negative – giving up junk food or quitting smoking or putting an end to the excesses of the previous holiday season. This year, we challenge you to make a more positive resolution in learning something new or developing […]

Learn & Explore – A Journey Written in Light

Ading Attamimi follows the light across city and continents, not only transforming his worldview but also fuelling his fire for photography. Trading in the average job, Ading Attamimi never thought he would become a full time photographer, travel the world and capture the impressive sights stretching out before him. Starting out as a self-taught hobbyist, […]