Nikon Stars – Stephen Maithya

Stephen Maithya specialises in Conceptual Portraiture, Fashion and Event photography. Find Stephen on Facebook and Instagram. You can reach him on email at, or call him at +254 700 388 005. How long have you been shooting and when did you go pro? I have been shooting since 2013, went pro in 2015. What body/bodies do you use? I […]

Learn & Explore – Photographing Star Trails

Photographing Star Trails is a unique way to capture the night sky in a photograph. A star trail occurs when you photograph the stars over a long period of time, from minutes to hours. We spoke with two photographers—Deborah Sandidge and Diana Robinson—to find out their techniques and tips for great star trail images. Many […]

Learn & Explore – The Mix ‘n Match Method For Smart Photo Safari Shooting

Featuring Mark Alberhasky There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of a backup camera. First, well…it’s self-defining, isn’t it? If your camera slips from your grip and goes into the river, your first thought—Thank goodness I have insurance—is going to be followed by, Thank goodness I’ve got a backup. There’s another big advantage, […]

See the Stunning Images that Won the MRM Eye in the Wild Photography Competition

Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM), Nikon and other sponsors in the MRM Eye in the Wild Photography Competition recently celebrated the more than 850 photographers who submitted images and honoured this year’s top winners at a ceremony at Sarit Centre. With the finalist photographs displayed in an exhibition, MRM recognized the high quality of images received […]

Learn & Explore – Picture the Sell

There’s a lot more to commercial photography than meets the eye, and Jay Alonzo shares 21 years of know-how. A veteran of commercial photography, Jay Alonzo has spent 21 years in this field. His creative knack and camera savviness have brought him a long way, but it is his marketing background that really helps his […]

Learn & Explore – Best Tips for Sunrise and Sunset Photos

Featuring Deborah Sandidge The sunrises and sunsets are going to happen. It’s what you do with them that’s going to make the difference between photos you’ll want to share and those you’ll probably delete. We spoke not too long ago with travel photographer Deborah Sandidge about how to best take advantage of sunrise and sunset opportunities. […]